Flying tiger Review

Flying tiger หน่วยล่าพยัคฆ์บิน พากย์ไทย Review

A puzzling group, The Black Snake Gang, is ascending all through the world. After a hazardous heist of a puzzling gadget from the FBI, the HKPD appoints Ko Ka Chun, to spare Hong Kong from the unavoidable danger from the Black Snake Gang.

At the moment that he was more energetic, Ko Yat Tai recognized a mission to enter the sets of three as a covert operative. The gathering of three pioneer's young lady Lou Man Na, started to look all naive at him from the beginning sight. Notwithstanding the way that Ko Yat Tai recently had his heart set on the essential Lee Ying Lan, he pronounced to be with Lou Man Na in order to handle the case. In like manner, he quickly rose through the situations in the arrangement of three.

Once, during a fight between triads, Ko Yat Tai executed Lou Man Na's gathering of three rivals, yet Lou Man Na's predetermination remained cloudy. Ko Yat Tai's old mate, Nip Yu Hong, ponders his issue with Lou Man Na and their infant kid Ko Ka Long. Ko Yat Tai brings Ko Ka Long home and Lee Ying Lan moreover delivers a youngster Ko Ka Chu. Because of the offense that he addressed, Ko Ka Long didn't grow up with fondness from his father. However, Ko Ka Chu moreover didn't get demolished by Ko Yat Tai and fairly expected to encounter various troubles. The family members total different sentiments of hatred growing up. All of them also by chance develop a father like mentor relationship with Nip Yu Hong.

During a spectacular restricted time administration, Ko Yat Tai, having achieved the situation of Superintendent, is happily preparing to get this honor, anyway unwittingly wanders into a retribution plot that is thirty years truly taking shape...

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