King of Negotiation Review

The Negotiation is a 2018 South Korean action crime thriller film directed by Lee Jong-seok and starring Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin. The film was released on September 19, 2018.

Two English-speaking men kidnap a man and a woman and hold them hostage at a house in Yangjae-dong, Seoul.

Crisis negotiator Inspector Ha Chae-youn of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department is brought in to handle the situation, despite strong protests from her superior, Captain Jung Jun-gu. While Chae-youn is negotiating with the kidnappers, Jung decides to send a police hit team to kill the men, leading to an altercation between Chae-youn and the kidnappers.

In retaliation, the kidnappers kill the couple in front of a horrified Chae-youn, before being killed themselves by Jung's team.

Ten days later, a devastated Chae-youn decides to resign from the police force, but Jung gives her time to reconsider, before leaving on a work trip. Chae-youn is then urgently called upon by her colleague - Superintendent Ahn Hyuk-su, who informs that she has been urgently summoned to deal with a hostage crisis.

Upon arrival to a secret location, she meets with the Commisioner of Police Moon Jong-hyuk and Presidential Secretary Gong. She is ordered to negotiate with the kidnapper - Min Tae-gu, a Korea-based international arms dealer and UK citizen, who had kidnapped several Korean nationals from Bangkok - including a reporter named Lee Su-mok.

While negotiating with Min video conferencing, she is shocked to discover that Jung has also been kidnapped by Min as well.

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